ARTECH 2023 - Digital Creation Processes - 11th International Conference on Digital and Interactive Arts. 28-30 November 2023 - Faro, Portugal

Thiago Barelli

Thiago Barelli

Thiago Barelli. Keynote at ARTECH 2023

Thiago Barelli
Barelli Associate, Portugal

“Legal aspects of MIL Cities”

Lawyer and speaker in Brazil and Europe. Consultant on MIL Cities in Europe, Latin America and Africa. Master in Law and Legal Sciences from the University of Lisbon. Professor of Higher Education and Postgraduate Studies. Expert in European law and for Startups.

CEO in Europe of the B&G group. Active in advising on the development of companies in Europe and Latin America. Economic development consultant for municipalities and regions. Expert in raising European community funds.

Internationalisation mentor for the “Batalha das Startups” program at Record News. Laureate in 2022 with the title of leader by vocation by the Polish magazine Why Story.